About Us

Meet Jamie!
My name is Jamie Ross. I am Deaf, but with good speech skills. As a child I attended a Deaf Unit within a mainstream Primary and Secondary school. I have struggled all my life with communication and barriers, e.g. doctors, tannoys in shopping centres/stations, meeting people etc.
I began signing as a child to help me communicate. As a teenager I went to Doncaster College for the Deaf, which was a big culture shock for me. My signing skills improved a great deal as everybody was doing it!
I attended sign classes to gain experience and qualifications, and eventually began working as a teaching assistant in BSL classes. I studied the CTLLS course to become a tutor and have been teaching different levels in BSL in various locations.
I have been working as a freelance tutor since 2014, and really enjoy it. It
is my passion to see people learning, enjoying and using British Sign Language. I want to spread Deaf Awareness so that Deaf and hearing people can communicate with one another. I feel people learn better when they are enjoying themselves, so I make lessons fun and interactive.
Meet Leanne!
My name is Leanne Ross. I am hearing and work as a British Sign Language
Interpreter. I became interested in sign language as a young child, as my grandmothers’ brother and his wife were Deaf. They were such good fun, and their positive attitude ignited an interest in Sign Language, which shaped my life.
I did my first BSL course aged 15, and then completed the necessary courses over the next 20 years, in between getting married and having a family.
I have varied experience in interpreting in education, community, and medical settings. I am also an experienced Accounts Administrator, so I also do the adminstration for J L Signing Services.
I’m always happy to talk or sign, please feel free to contact me with
any queries.

Why Learn BSL?

  • Most common form of Sign Language in Britain – Over 70,000 users!
  • Deaf equality – Reduces the communication barrier for deaf people
  • The statistics from ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ says that there are over 10 million people with some form of deafness, which equates to 1 in 6 people, and the figure is expected to grow. That means you most certainly know someone who has hearing loss.
  • To help reduce communication barriers between staff and customers.
  • Deaf Awareness course would be a positive approach under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Better job prospects – Lack of opportunities and sometimes look for candidates that are bilingual.
  • Make new friends – Whether it’s the friend you make in Sign Language class or friends at local deaf club, but you will make new friends for certain.
  • It is not only useful to Deaf people that rely on BSL; if you cannot understand a customer who signs, you cannot do your job effectively!

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